According to statistics, 72% of parents think (and are actively looking for a solution) about the additional development of the child and There are a lot of offers.

How to find exactly what will fit and be useful? How to start so as not to quit? How to find a hobby and fulfill yourself?

These simple steps will help you figure it out.

Portrait of smart schoolgirls and schoolboys looking at the laptop in classroom

1. Ask yourself the question “why am I choosing this.” Your choice should benefit the child, be interesting to him. And in no case should you choose according to the principle “I wanted it that way, it didn’t work out for me, he will succeed.” Will not work!

2. Choose together. Look at the description of the classes on the website, look through the photos, open the program or school in a group on social networks – there are usually a lot of photos and videos about the process of classes.

3. Your choice should be according to the age and temperament of the child. It is unlikely that a child who prefers quiet games will like modern dances.

4. Before making a choice, observe what the child does most often, talk to the caregiver / teacher.

5. The best example and motivator is yourself and If you regularly visit the gym, then your child will most likely react favorably to sports activities. And also with books, travel, creative projects. You understand the principle.

6. Before the first lesson, discuss with your child where he will go, what awaits him, what he will do. After class, listen to the impressions. And be sure to say, if you don’t like it at all, he may not go – we will find something more interesting.

7. If you are sure that you have made the right and useful choice, and the child refuses, you can agree on the period of visits. For example: you study until the New Year, then you make a decision. Thus, you demonstrate: the child has a choice. Throwing without getting the first results, without bringing it to the appointed moment is not the right decision.

8. If the child refuses, ask him a question, what would he choose for himself. Such a “choice without a choice” – you will do it, choose what.

And, of course, support the child, praise for successes (even the smallest ones) and do not compare with others. Yours is the best!