Discipline including in the process of https://www.julianalucky.com/post/9-ways-to-practice-mindfulness-with-kids is not a limitation of freedom. This is cutting off all that is superfluous.

Recognize that right now is the future. You are living the future of all your Past Versions. The decisions they made are paying off. If you would like these fruits to be tastier, transform the Present Self into a person who does not forget to spread the red carpet for the Future Self. Imagine what it would be like if someone had already done this for you. Highly disciplined people always benefit from the wise and caring Past Themselves.

The future You is completely, absolutely You, just as you are Yourself right now. In the future, you will be living in real situations with real pluses and minuses, determined mainly by the behavior of you Seymomentny. Because of our bewildering ignorance, the Present We often blame the Past Us for wasting opportunities and resources, and at the same time fail to cope with our obligations to the helpless Future Us.
When will we realize that we already are the Future We?


In the Yoga Sutras, Patanjali formulated 5 limitations of the mind that hinder a person’s progress on the path:

1. Avidya klesha – a complex of ignorance: A person becomes a victim of sorrow due to his own delusions like “I am the body.” This is ignorance that belittles the status of a person and leads to many grief.

2. Abhinivesha klesha – attachment complex: The mind is the abode of desires, sorrows, likes, dislikes, attachments and enmity. Despite knowing that the mind is guilty of attachment to samsara (temporary existence and accompanying misfortunes), one is unable to give up attachment to one’s mind or otherwise limit its vagaries and get rid of sorrow and failure.

3. Astithha klesha – a complex of vibrations: The world is full of various sense objects that seduce people with an undisciplined mind. They rush from one object of feeling to another, not realizing that these objects in the end turn out to be a poison that deprives them of any sense of discrimination and composure. As a result, people are immersed in endless suffering throughout their lives. This complex is also called mental instability.

4. Lobha klesha – greed complex: Being under the delusion that the purpose of life is the accumulation of money, cars, real estate, etc., a person works hard from dawn to dusk in order to accumulate and obtain personal property in excess of his natural needs. These temporary acquisitions pollute the mind with excessive greed, a person becomes a victim of misery and suffering.

5. Dvesha klesha – hatred complex: Pursuing selfish goals, a person falls into a labyrinth of endless desires of all kinds. When his desires are not fulfilled, he unreasonably blames the people around him and God for this, and thus harbors hatred for both people and God.

All these limitations of the mind are detrimental to man. By becoming a victim of such distortions, a person consigns to oblivion his true atmic nature and becomes a victim of suffering and misfortune. All this is not due to the fault of our true nature (prakriti), but due to the influence of our own mind on us.