Sometimes the most unexpected things help us understand ourselves.

It’s all about the book – her, a thick book in a cardboard cover, which I do not want to let out of hand, with cherry letters and wonderful drawings, brought in the evening courier bookstore. It’s been a long time since I read a paper book! And books with cherry letters, I may not have read at all. I put the kids to bed, turned off the computer (when was this?), took cover with a blanket, made tea and… swam. Somewhere in my childhood where you don’t think about time and deadlines and stuff like a fed husband and two ringing phones. And then, bam! – it’s over. “What is it?” – didn’t understand me, lying under a blanket in broad daylight (it’s only 10 p.m.!), husband.

How do you figure it out

And it went on: in my head immediately resurfaced a couple of dozen “w-what-do”. None of these “v-chom-del” was pleasant, I didn’t want to remember them – but they themselves were in my head. The list included: forgotten gymnastics uniform, a walk through a physics test, sms with questionable content, a website not launched in time, lost documents, disconnected phone, forgotten gymnastics uniform, now a daughter.

Of course, I guess – this happens to each of us: the crocodile does not catch, does not grow coconut. But only someone cries, god-pray, and I sit down and try to solve the problem: why does not catch, why does not grow, why everything is wrong and what can be changed to change the “minus” to “plus”. And sometimes it turns out that our personal, concrete, momentary happiness is often in funny little things, simple things, unexpected turns. And maybe we should think and listen to ourselves. And to those around us. (Ah, if my husband had immediately realized that it was all about the cherry-letter book, I would have been happier for a whole evening!).

For example, one day I realized that it was all about the people around me. And if you want to go forward, it is necessary to the proven old friends first homeopathic doses, and then more and more daring to add new acquaintances. Things are going to change! How to understand yourself and find your calling.

Later on, when it hit me, it was all about the Kamasutra. And if I’m not doing well, it’s because I have a problem with ancient art. Where am I, and where are the skills and experience of my ancestors? Wishing to advance in the art of love, I opened a treatise on the first page I got, read it: “When a man turns during a coitus and enjoys a woman without leaving her, while she hugs him from behind without letting go, it is called a “turning position”, and it is achieved only with experience. I wondered how it could be adapted to life. My imagination failed the first verb. I didn’t give up and…

…was able to draw the right conclusion! From now on, it’s not the Kamasutra for me, it’s the Kamasutra. As I like it, it’s the right thing to do!

Even later, I realized that it was all about the view outside the window. What to hide: I have no view from the window. It’s not on “3” or even “2”. It’s a minus sign. And it means that something has to be changed (I immediately remembered Vera Polozkova and her “you have to live by the sea, Mom”), and immediately somewhere deep, a little below and behind, behind the heart, something anxiously groaned. I know: it’s a fear of change. And while I am afraid, my friends are telling me (and you!) the secrets of their happiness. They know what’s really going on! And how you can figure yourself out.

How to make sense of yourself: a personal experience.

Veronica Sysueva, business consultant on PR
I moved to another city two years ago, because of a great love that came to me thanks to the Internet. Love outside the Internet didn’t work out. I had no close friends, no job or prospects. For several days in a row, I was just lying on the couch in a rented apartment wondering what to do next. In my hometown I had a business, clients, and who needs me here?

And then through new friends came a man who offered to sell me… crushed stone! I’m a girl in a skirt and heels. And then there’s this. Crushed stone. Three nights I dreamt of him, this crushed stone. Workers, trucks, Kamazes going far away. And I’m the crushed stone queen. I fell asleep studying crushed stone delivery schemes and the documents governing this work.

How do you figure it out

My friends told me: “Start there, and there you’ll choose another industry. It’s guaranteed to be good money.” I meditated on crushed stone for almost a week, but when I woke up one day in a sweat with the thought that my “crushed stone” KAMAZ had turned over somewhere, I realized: crushed stone is just crushed stone. I don’t know anything about it. And most importantly, I do not want to know! I do not have a soul to him, and my eyes are not burning. I made my conclusion: crushed stone is a test for those who do not know where to go. You think about it, and a lot becomes clear. Are you ready to do something that is not yours, even if it is profitable?

I quickly realized it wasn’t for me. I want to spend my life on things that are really interesting to me. I said no. I never became a crushed stone queen. But I’ve become who I am. Now I have a business that I’m interested in. Thank you for the crushed stone! Helped me figure out how to sort myself out!

Alexander Texel, psychologist, sexologist.
One day I realized it was all about the underwear. No, I’ve guessed before that the world isn’t easy. But that morning, I realized you can’t fool yourself. You can wear an expensive suit. You can even buy an apartment in a prestigious area. But! It’s in the underwear that the real psychology of wealth manifests itself.

No, of course, cowards standing like mink coats won’t succeed on their own. Success will give a life position, the impulse through which a person buys an expensive accessory, the choice of “I want this for myself!” instead of “Come on, I’ll do it!”.

And with this choice will form a habit that will continue to walk with us through life and work in all situations, from minor to fateful.

Dear cowards – a sense of comfort, tactile pleasure, a sense of confidence in general, and if you have to stay in one underwear in particular. All this forms the energy potential, which is subconsciously felt by others. And they react accordingly. And they want to do business. And they just want to.

One lady, having gathered for bread, realized that she had no hair. And I thought: “Now a car will hit me, an ambulance will come for me, and male doctors will see that I have no hair. So uncomfortable!” And she stayed home. If you twist the bike in my way, you can go out for bread without a haircut. But the underwear should be… It shouldn’t just be, it should be cool.

No one will see anything, no one will know. So should we pay more? Now you know the answer.

P.S. There’s a nuance! You buy underwear while suppressing economy and rationality? Alas, to gain confidence and good luck in this case will not work. The mechanism will start only when you get a sincere pleasure from the purchase.