How to solve a test without knowing the answer. Prep for gre test.

This article will be most relevant for schoolchildren and students, but I think it is worth reading it for the general development. It often happens that you do not know the answer to a question in the test and start guessing what to choose? At such moments, many people rely on luck, but there is a better way to properly answer the test, which I want to tell you about.

It’s a little background. We came up with this way with a friend, studying at school, when we passed the probability theory of algebra, so for some it will not be new, because all the banalities just

Here we go. I will show you by example, because otherwise it will be too dry and not clear. This will only work with tests, where the answer contains several options. I took a Russian assignment with the 2014 USE. Okay, here we go:

Here we have a task, where you need to choose the right answer. The answer contains several numbers.

1) Underline / encircle the numbers that are repeated. I have underlined with the same colors the same letters.
2) Now we see the repetition rate.

  • The digit (1) I have 3 times
  • The number (2) I’ve met twice.
  • The number (3) I’ve met four times.
  • The number (4) I’ve met three times.
    3) Now look at the most common digits, I have 3 (but you can ignore it because each answer contains it), 4 and 1.
    4) Look at the answers that do not contain the most frequent digits.
  • The first one I have does not contain the number one, so it is unlikely to be correct.
  • The second I do not have the number four, which also means it is unlikely to be correct.
  • There are two choices left, but option number three contains all three most common combinations of answers, which means it is unlikely to be correct. But option four also contains those three choices and option two, but that is less common. What makes me conclude that option three accurately contains all the correct answers, but there is also the option that option four is correct, but because the number two meets only twice out of four, I wouldn’t take the risk of choosing option three.
  • prep for gre test.

Practice gre test always

There are certain psychological techniques for successful passing the tests:

  1. It is necessary to go on taking the test with confidence in your knowledge. There is no need to doubt yourself!
  2. get rid of fear, but not with the help of sedatives, which, by the way, can work against you.
  3. you can pray, there are certain prayers for those who are learning and prayers for successful passing the test/exam. This will help you feel spiritually.
  4. When you get the test, try to relax, close your eyes for a while, and then move on to getting to know the test.
  5. Enter into the image of a knowledgeable and confident person.

In addition to psychological techniques, there are also certain rules and techniques that are cognitive in nature.

How to solve a test without knowing the answer. Prep for gre test.

The rules of passing objective tests:

  • Read the whole test to see if there are any follow-up questions that may be able to tell you something about previous answers.
  • Answer easy answers from the beginning, leaving difficult answers to follow that will take longer.
  • Pay attention to how much time is given for each question in advance, and evaluate your time correctly, do not waste too much time, but take your time.
  • When you instinctively think that the correct answer is the first answer, look at the subsequent answers as the fourth answer may indicate that the 1st and 4th choices are correct.
  • Don’t be afraid when answer number A, i.e. the first answer is often found, according to statistics 20% of the test results, the correct answer is the first answer.
  • Do not guess the answer, and if you still do not know the correct answer, try to make associations, but do not randomly choose the most difficult answer that you do not understand, it will most often be wrong.
  • In the case of short questions and short answers do not look for a clue in the question itself, do not waste time. For long questions, you may want to try this method – it works (long questions have part of the answer).
  • Practice gre tests.
  • If it’s already time to take the test, but you still can’t logically find the right answer, answer something, since this gives you at least a chance to answer correctly. Not answering is already the wrong answer.
  • When you instinctively think that some answer is correct, you choose it almost immediately, but at the beginning you will analyze its correctness. You may still be wrong. While you can instinctively choose the right answer, intuition can fail you too.
  • Check the test carefully before you take it, leave yourself time to check in advance, as the test is important, at least because you must make sure that you have answered all the questions.