Sooner or later every mother has to return to work and give the baby to kindergarten. In order to make it easier for the child to endure the first weeks in an unfamiliar environment, it is necessary to prepare him or her for the changes consistently, starting a few months before the first visit to the kindergarten. Use our advice to teach your child everything he or she needs to get into kindergarten.

How do I choose a kindergarten for my child?

Preparing a child for kindergarten, sight words for kindergarten

Preparing for kindergarten by adjusting the daily routine
To make it easier for the baby to pass the adaptation period, a few months before the first visit to the day care centre, go to the future group and write down the daily routine.
Explain to your child that all children in the day care centre live on a specific schedule to follow.
Encourage your child to wake up one hour or one and a half before the expected time of arrival. During this time, you should have time for the whole family to do water procedures, have breakfast, get dressed and get to the day care centre.
Follow the Kindergarten schedule at home, including not only meals but also class hours, quiet hours and walks. The more accurately you follow the schedule, the easier it will be for the baby to adapt to the new environment.
Kindergarten sight words for children. If your offspring no longer need to sleep during the day, teach them to lie quietly in bed and play with themselves in words or other lexical, mathematical games. Suitable for independent entertainment and finger games to develop fine motor skills.
Is your child ready for kindergarten? Let’s check it out!

How do I prepare my child for kindergarten meals?
Even if at home your child pleases you with a healthy appetite, in kindergarten, he may refuse to eat or be naughty at the table. To avoid such problems, you need to prepare your child in advance for kindergarten ration. This will not only accustom the baby to unfamiliar dishes, but also prepare his gastrointestinal tract for the unusual food.

Examine the menu of the kindergarten, in which you plan to give the child. Otherwise, just focus on a healthy full menu of porridges, vegetable, dairy, meat and fish dishes. Remember that food in kindergarten is usually cooked, baked or stewed, so eliminate crumbs, fried dishes and fatty foods a few months before you arrive. As part of your child’s preparation, you should wean out small snacks during the day. Let him get used to the food on a stable schedule.

If, despite all your efforts, your child continues to be capricious at the table and refuses to eat Sadikovsky food, ask the teacher to show a little more patience. Perhaps in a few days or weeks, your baby will join the team and be more willing to eat what his new friends are eating.

Preparing a child for kindergarten, sight words for kindergarten

Developing independence to prepare a child for kindergarten
By the time the baby is first in kindergarten, it must have some independence, otherwise the first weeks and months will be difficult for both him and you.

Ready for kindergarten baby should wash his hands with soap and wash, use a pot or at least clearly enough to inform adults about their desire to go to the toilet.
It is desirable that the child has a stable defecation mode, which is possible when setting a standard daily routine. Let the baby to cope with the big need in the morning or evening, at home, so that in case of “accident” you can help and quickly clean up the consequences.

Depending on the age group of the baby, it will also be required to be able to dress and undress themselves when preparing for walks and daytime sleep. Train with the tiny baby at home, allowing him to pull up his pants and fasten his jacket himself. Choose shoes with Velcro or buttons so kids don’t have to worry about laces and comfortable, practical clothing with minimal clasps and buttons.

In addition, no one will feed your baby at daycare with a spoon. In order not to remain hungry, he will have to equip himself with a fork and a spoon.

The kindergarten will not interfere with courtesy, the ability to say “thank you” and “please” in time.

How to prepare a child psychologically for kindergarten, kindergarten sight words

Preparing a child for kindergarten, sight words for kindergarten

What else do you need to take care of before your first visit to day care?
Tell your child that all adult children go first to kindergarten and then to school. Don’t over-emphasise the existence of children in kindergarten, but don’t scare your child either. Emphasise that in kindergarten, the child can make new friends, learn and play while you work.
Introduce the little one to the garden in advance. Walk around the grounds together, explore the building and playgrounds and watch the kids play on their walks. If you can make arrangements with the teachers, take the crumb to his or her future group so that the child can see the space he or she will be spending several years in.
Explore sight words for kindergarten. Introduce the baby and future classmates. In an unfamiliar environment, he will feel much more confident if he sees at least a few familiar faces.
Teach him to meet new people, offer games together, share toys and find compromises. All these skills will be useful in a large team.
Strengthen the immunity of the child. More often go outdoors, harden the whole family, in summer eat more fresh fruit and vegetables, stimulate physical activity. Of course, no effort will give your child a hundred percent protection from colds, but it will allow them to be less sick and easier to cope with illness.
Teach your child to kindergarten nutrition and daily routine, stimulate his independence and learn to communicate with peers and adults, then he will easily pass the period of adaptation and will feel comfortable in kindergarten even for the first time.