The desire to understand one’s own self usually comes at a time when something is not working out in life. For example, when it is necessary to make difficult choices, clearly define your plans for the future or assess your feelings towards a person. How to understand yourself, what methods and techniques can be used for self-knowledge will be discussed in this article. Keep a diary or personal blog and make daily notes in it about what you feel, what makes you happy, anxious or frightening, what you have managed to achieve during the day and what, on the contrary, you have not been able to do.


In the future, these notes will tell you how to understand yourself and help you identify a number of patterns in your relationship to life, to different situations, to people and to your own thoughts and actions. 2. 2. Try to control your behavior in non-standard situations such as when you are intoxicated or under stress. Any unusual coincidence will usually help to open up the hard shell that surrounds the true personality. 3. 3. Talk to your loved ones. To understand yourself, you could use an outside opinion. It is our loved ones most often subtly notice the features of your character, some inherent in you, personal traits. 4. Reflect on books you’ve read or films you’ve seen. Try to answer the following questions: which of the characters was close to you in spirit? why did you choose this character? how would you behave in the place of the hero? what moments you were genuinely touched and why? what moments left you indifferent and why? 5. If you like modern role-playing computer games, then you probably noticed that in them, too, you often find yourself facing a serious moral choice. To understand yourself, try to analyze what decisions you make in certain situations, think about how you would act if a similar situation occurred to you in real life. 6. Resort to psychological tests. Many of them allow you to learn a lot about yourself. Of course, you should not use those tests that are usually published in glossy magazines: they are mainly designed not for self-knowledge, but for entertainment. It is with the attempts to understand yourself that self-development begins, it is on them the desire for personal growth. And, therefore, it depends on how much effort you will put into self-knowledge, will depend on how successful you will be in your daily life.

How to understand who you are in the business For many people this question becomes critical. And, in fact, how one can be happy and how one can choose the right life path without knowing oneself, one’s talents, abilities, values, virtues and shortcomings. After all, in such a situation is left to hope, except for good luck, the eternal Russian “Avos”? Self-knowledge, in fact, is very much like spiritual growth. Cognizing ourselves, we bring our personality to the highest level, we begin with the ease of making decisions that previously seemed too difficult, we know in advance what will be useful to us, and what will bring us only harm. In general, the benefits of self-knowledge can be described very long. Most of us already know what certainty is good for us, and certainly aspire to it. There are three simple tips to help on this difficult way: they will tell you how to know yourself. To understand yourself, meditate. Meditation is a kind of dialogue of a person with his subconsciousness, with himself. Find a place to hide, take any position that is convenient for you, calm down, gather your thoughts and begin to ask yourself various questions, the answers to which you would like to learn. The questions may be: Do I really like the business I’m doing? Should I change something? What happens if I change something in my life now? Of course, you can ask other questions as well. After meditation, be sure to write down all the ideas and thoughts that have come to your mind in your diary and be guided by them as soon as possible. Ask the people around you. This is the easiest and fastest way to know and understand yourself. The most important thing is to ask questions to people who have known you for a long time, otherwise you risk getting a biased assessment. Go to your spouse, brother or sister, parents, and ask them what they do not like about you and your behavior. Don’t hesitate, they will definitely give you an answer. After all, your loved ones are usually as interested in making you better as you are!

As you open your eyes in the morning, it suddenly seems as if you are falling into an abyss. There’s another one, the sun is still rising outside the window, birds are singing, and many people are running to work. Only you have no strength and desire to get up from the sofa, something to do and everything around seems pointless and ridiculous.


All the above is a pronounced depressive state caused by an internal contradiction, the rejection of any fact of life. You understand this yourself, but you just can’t find the answer to the question how to understand yourself. Change anything in this state will still have to, as well as get up from the sofa to meet the daily needs of the person. In such cases, the best solution is to consult a practicing psychologist, but there are many reasons for refusing to visit such a specialist, and it is necessary to alleviate the condition. It is for this kind of condition that there are several behavioral options to help you understand yourself. 1. Do not overpower yourself if you have such an opportunity. Do not want to get up, do not get up, do not want to talk, do not talk. In this state you will not stay more than 24 hours, then your psyche will pull you out and turn on the defense mechanism. You will start and talk and get up and even do your housework. With time, appear and interests, a smile will return, but only then proceed to the second point. 2. You are well aware that this condition may return at any time, unless you determine the reason. If you want to understand yourself, look for what is troubling or oppressing you. It is worth digging into yourself, your desires and hopes and drawing a parallel with the facts of reality. It is the mismatch between our desires and reality that causes such internal conflicts. For example, a situation when a girl really wants to have children, but she has a very prestigious job, which is accompanied by a complete lack of time for personal life. And she loves the job and wants children, there are two equal in strength desires come into conflict, causing an imbalance in the psychological background. Here it is necessary to stipulate that the internal contradictions can be much more serious, and are covered with masks of other desires and to understand which itself will not be able to deal with. 3. If you managed to find the true reason, it is necessary to determine what you want and what is unacceptable to you. No matter how much we want, everyone cannot be astronauts, just as slim or beautiful. Each of us has our own personality, laid by nature, which should be appreciated, and then you will discover a lot of opportunities for another character. If you want to understand yourself, but can not find the cause of the failure in the state of mind, consult with a specialist, at least in absentia through the Internet resources.