The principles by which the human energy system functions are more or less clear. But where does this energy and come from?

There is an opinion that each of us already has all the energy that we are supposed to have for our whole life. Whether this amount is the same for everyone or not is debatable. Most likely, everything is conditioned by a person’s karma. That is, each of us in this life comes with the energy potential that has been accumulated at the expense of certain actions in the past lives. And our task is only to correctly realize this potential. First of all, we should be able to open it, and secondly, to use it correctly.

One can imagine that we are born in this world with a large bank account. And the first thing we need to do is to remember the code of our account, and the second is not to spend all the money we have saved on entertainment and parties. And how to perform these two tasks, and teaches yoga. So it’s not how much energy we have, but how we can use it. Going back to the example of the bank account, some person, having ten thousand on the account, can invest it wisely and achieve success, and an unwise person, having a million, can spend it on silly things.