Why are people often dissatisfied with the way things are? Why, even when they achieve outstanding results, do they feel disharmony and emptiness inside?

Perhaps you are also familiar with this condition?

We are unhappy because we are not aware of what we are doing, what we think, what we feel – at every moment we are constantly contradicting ourselves and https://www.julianalucky.com/. Action moves in one direction, thinking in another, feelings in a third. We are constantly falling apart, becoming more and more fragmented. This is what suffering is – we lose integrity, we lose unity.

If there is no harmony in your life, it will be unhappy and contradictory. You will live in suffering and “seek painkillers” to make that suffering less painful.

For this reason, people begin to drink, slip into drug use, lead an antisocial lifestyle. So they drown out the feeling of disunity that tears them apart from the inside. In an unconscious state, people can commit various illegal acts and even kill another person.

People live in suffering. There are only two ways out of it: either to become meditators – alert, aware, conscious… it is a hard thing. For this you need a backbone. The cheaper way is to find something that will make you more unconscious than you already are so that you can stop feeling the pain…

I think now you understand why in order to live a happy, harmonious and fulfilling life, it is necessary to become conscious.