Hatha yoga https://www.julianalucky.com/post/10-awesome-birthday-party-ideas-for-4-year-old is a holistic approach to healing the body and mind. Through asanas, pranayama, meditation, it has a versatile effect on all body systems: it slows down the aging process, regulates the emotional state, helps to overcome a personal crisis and find life prospects.

With the help of Hatha Yoga tools, you can solve specific problems – for example, relieve back pain or overcome migraines. But even classes focused on solving one problem have an effect in a complex: the main muscles are worked out, flexibility improves, joints are strengthened. These changes at the level of the body cannot be overlooked, as well as changes in the state of the soul: a feeling of inner balance comes.

Benefits of hatha yoga
Asanas not only affect the muscles of the body, but also stimulate the production of hormones, massage the internal organs of the human abdominal cavity.

Breath control in yoga is one of the most important elements of practice. Breathing exercises (Pranayamas) teach you to manage your emotions, control your state, help the cardiovascular and other systems of the body to function properly. After all, improper breathing, spasms, blocks and clamps are one of the main causes of many diseases.

There are asanas, basic yoga exercises, which are performed in statics with strict observance of the geometry of body position, breathing and concentration. Breathing in hatha yoga is subordinated to the movement in asana – inhalation, exhalation and delays. Moderation is an important rule.

Hatha yoga poses should bring relaxation and peace. Do not overstrain the body and cause yourself discomfort.

You should have pleasant sensations, a charge of vivacity and a surge of strength, and not fatigue and strength.

Meditation is a special state of concentration, which helps to come to calmness and relaxation. The main task of meditation is to “calm down” the restless mind, let go of disturbing thoughts and get rid of stress. Meditation puts thoughts in order and directs them in the right direction, very often after practices come solutions to important problems, creative ideas and answers to the right questions.

Mudras are special combinations of fingers that affect the emotional and physical state. The most popular is the connected thumb and forefinger in a ring, and the rest are straight.