All children do things for which parents can scold them. This is normal, because a child learns life solely from his mistakes and But there are situations when scolding and punishing is simply impossible. First you need to figure out what happened, to understand whether the baby is really to blame for something. After all, adults often scold their children not for the cause, but under the influence of a bad mood, fatigue, etc. And unjustified parental anger not only offends the child, but can also lead to the formation of many complexes.

Unintentional misconduct
You should never scold a child for the things he did unintentionally. You can often notice the following situation: the child tried to get something from the dining table, accidentally touched the cup with his hand and broke it. Immediately, parental anger and screams fall upon him. Absent-mindedness is characteristic of absolutely any child. This is the natural state. To make a scene because of this is at least stupid. It is more correct to teach accuracy and attentiveness from a very early age. When a child is constantly scolded for something he did unintentionally, he begins to hide his missteps and lie to his parents. The kid simply does not understand why he is being punished, because he did nothing wrong on purpose.

You always need to remember that a child learns the world gradually – only by dropping and breaking a cup, he will understand that you need to be extremely careful with such objects. This is absolutely normal practice for any child.

When a baby is constantly scolded for inaccuracy, he will simply be afraid to do anything in order to learn about the world around him!

Not everything works the first time
It is not recommended to scold the baby even if he tries to do something, but he does not succeed. Parents should understand that the child is not lazy, he just lacks certain knowledge and skill, and they can appear only with experience and You should put yourself in the place of the baby. From an adult, even at work, they never demand an instant result, they treat him with understanding, so why is a child worse? When the kid is constantly criticized in such situations, he will simply stop believing in himself and subsequently stop trying to achieve any result.

You must always realize that you can learn something in life only from your own mistakes. You don’t need to be scolded for this. It is always necessary to help the child to do so that these mistakes do not happen. When the baby understands that he can always count on the help of his parents, it will be much easier for him to cope with this or that situation.

Double standarts
It is extremely stupid to scold a child for breaking those rules that adults themselves do not follow. If there are strict rules, they should apply to everyone. If mom and dad forbid a child to say bad words, but at the same time they themselves abuse them, one should not be surprised that such rules will be violated and only parents are to blame. Therefore, the upbringing of a child must begin with the upbringing of oneself and

With the best of intentions
It happens that a child does something bad out of good intentions. For example, he wanted to help his mother with ironing, but instead burned her favorite blouse. They immediately start shouting at the child, but he does not understand why he is being punished for wanting to help. At such moments, you just need to explain to the child that it is very important to treat things carefully and carefully, you should not “kill” in him the initiative to show independence.

As a conclusion
Unfortunately, it often happens that a mother starts to take it out on a child just because he doesn’t look like her or resembles a hated mother-in-law in her appearance and behavior, or she always dreamed of having a gifted pianist child, and the kid is not interested in music in any way. The child should not conform to the expectations of his parents. This is a completely different person and you need to love him the way he is, otherwise the child will stop loving himself, his self-esteem will fall, which will lead to the appearance of various complexes, which will then be extremely difficult to get rid of.

There are no children who do everything perfectly the first time, so all kids should be treated with great understanding and love!