Common core math

Studying abroad Common core math is a dream for many Russians. After studying at prestigious foreign educational institutions, the chances of finding a prestigious job and having a great career at home increase tremendously. However, many do not dare to make their dream come true, mistakenly believing that studying abroad is only available to the elite and to study at a foreign institution you need to have some supernatural ability. In fact, everything is far from being so. Today many people can afford such education. The most important thing is not to make a mistake with the choice of the country and the university where you will study.

If you believe the statistics, the most popular countries for Russians to study – the UK, USA, Canada, Austria and New Zealand. This is where most of our students are staying. However, these countries are not the only ones with great educational institutions. Today we are going to tell you about peculiarities of studying in different countries.

Australia is a unique country at the edge of the world. It has a very special way of life, different from other countries, peculiar nature, interesting culture, its own business. Australia’s education system in some ways resembles the British system: schools, colleges and universities. Most education is public, but there are also private institutions. There are 350 colleges, 40 universities, 550 English language centers. There are many reasons to study in Australia:

High quality education at a relatively low cost. Year of study in the Australian college costs 4-7 thousand American dollars, and in the university – 7-15 thousand American dollars. This is 15-20% less than in the U.S. and English institutions, and the quality of education in Australia is consistent with international standards.

Common core math

Ability to work during training. International students are allowed to work 20 hours per week while studying and a full-time job during vacation periods. In Australia, unlike in European countries, students can easily find work in stores, restaurants and service industries.

Australian qualifications are internationally recognised. You can work anywhere in the world with an Australian qualification.

It is possible to undertake postgraduate work in Australia or further postgraduate study. In Australia there is a law under which foreign students who have finished the education in Australia, have the priority right to receive a residence permit.

Many different and flexible schemes for admission to universities. There are preparatory departments at universities. There are also such schemes: first offered an English language course, then a diploma course of college, and then the student is transferred directly to the second year of high school.

Well-stocked service for international students. Every year about 150,000 students from all over the world come to study in Australia, and they try to create the most comfortable conditions for them. There are international departments at universities to meet and readjust students. At universities there are campuses, where who’s definition all necessary for life – medical centers, sports facilities, employment services, banks, stores, etc. are located. In addition, what is convenient for international students – a fairly low cost of rent for an apartment.

The main thing is that Australia gives the opportunity to combine training and employment, and provides a wide variety of programs, taking into account modern technology and all the new research and educational activities.