The word “leader” has a number of stable associations. The head of the company with, the head of the organization comes to mind. But in a broad sense, a leader is a person whose opinion others listen to. Strong-willed, purposeful, not afraid to take responsibility for actions and decisions.

In children’s groups, the leader manifests himself in exactly the same way: he sets the rules of the game and monitors their observance, accepts and excludes participants. The rest of the children obey the leader, subconsciously feeling his informal power.

Leadership qualities are formed in childhood. Chat with the parents of a status person who has achieved a lot in life. He probably showed the makings of a leader even in the sandbox, and then confirmed his status in all the children’s groups in which he was in different years of his life.

Distinctive features of a leader
If you want to raise a child to be a leader, you should first understand and the characteristics of this personality type. A true leader is a person who:

Influencer, opinion leader, team leader, CEO, market leader, and another business leading concepts.

seeks to manage the situation and the people involved in it;
knows how to convince others, gently incline to his opinion;
gives clear and understandable instructions, always knows what needs to be done;
masterfully communicates with different people, knows how to find an approach to everyone;
can influence people with the help of emotional images, does not leave anyone indifferent to his personality (causes both positive and negative);
finds non-trivial ways to solve problems, takes responsibility for the result.